Long Ge Information Technology Co., Ltd started up in early 2004 with a simple concept: Giving a business oriented IT support to dynamic foreign companies in China.

LGIT has a team of  engineers with many years’ experience on IT field in China. From consulting to hardware and network integration, but focusing on helpdesk we are offering you a full range of IT service that is designed to fit the distinctive environment of China.

Our customers are foreign companies, such as offices, factories, shops and warehouses… who wish to get an efficient and reliable IT system along with a trustable and comprehensive IT support.

One of LGIT commitments is to let our customers be aware of their IT resources and support status. In order to keep the customer informed, we designed a secured online tool for our customers to check all the information real time.

We have a true belief in communicating with our customers. Our engineers have been trained to communicate in a simple and efficient way so that non-technical users will have a better understanding of our work.

Last but not least, we are in Shanghai China, Business come first and our main concern is to let our customer business run smoothly and make full use of their IT.


Our main goals:


Prevent IT to be a threat to your business activity.


Make IT your best asset to increase your business efficiency.


To do so, whenever a threat occurs, we will react in no time, and use the fastest and most reliable solution to keep your business activity running smoothly.

Meanwhile, we will give you the best advices among the solutions which are reliable and appropriate to the distinctive environment in MainlandChina.


Offering you Resources and Knowledge, LGIT at your Service